This weekend has been a pretty good one. Not the greatest, and not the worst.

Friday night was a lazy one. I love lazy nights.

Saturday night Mike ate dinner with some cousins,
then we went to the movie, The Way Back.
The movie wasn't amazing, but still good.

Sunday we went to church and my gosh, it was a nightmare
The little 5 yr olds we teach are little demons
About 2 or 3 of them are angels that I just want to hug and say, THANK YOU!
But the other 5 or 6 of them.. My gosh.

ANYWAYS... After church we drove up to Seattle
Mike met with a guy and swapped guns with him.

We drove back down to his Dad's house for some delicious Steak, & some fun chit chatting.

To end the night we stopped by Walmart and picked me up an Alarm/Ipod dock.
It is the greatest thing ever! I really suggest you get one.

You can find it HERE



Randee Lynn said...

Hey girl what's your major. I'm thinking of changing my major to some kind of art one.

Emily Dickson said...

Hey! I plan on majoring in Graphic Design. Every once in a while I get second thoughts and think about majoring in something that I'm not super great at, but something that I would love to learn how to do. Like photography, interior design, fashion. BUT... I'll probably just stick to what I love doing, Graphic Design.

You should definitely major in art, the classes are fun! And there's no science or math or anything lame like that!

Randee Lynn said...

What do you do in Graphic Design? I'm so interested in that and right now my classes suck and I'm 3 weeks into the semester.

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