On our way over to the in-laws house to watch the Superbowl

Today is our 6 month anniversary!
I usually don't like when people announce every single month they've been married,
(ex. "it's our 3 month anniversary!" Um, what does that even mean?)
However, I do think that 6 months is an okay one, since it's half a year
(Am I making exceptions? Sorry if it bugs you)

Our plan is to make the next 6 mos. better than the last
It will be lots of work, but so totally worth it.

Here's to us babe! Love you!



kara said...

so cute! I think every day that your married is worth celebrating. Try to enjoy this "newlywed" time as much as possible (it may not seem like it now, but it goes by so fast). Don't worry about every little thing, have fun, and be silly with one another. Love ya!

Christine Dickson said...

Congratulations! We didn't even celebrate it at the house! You should have said something. Anyway, here's to the next 6!

Brod and Cara said...

Love this.. you guys look perfect together!

Victoria said...

Congratulations! yay for 6 months! Cute cute cute picture!

Rach said...

Today is my 6 month anniversary! I like to think it's a big deal :)

Diana Smith said...

Congrats on making it to 6 months!! Didn't it go by fast?? You are almost to a year!!

Rach said...

I'm so glad you said that about announcing every month they're married. Too funny. Cute picture!

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