Curious about what our apartment looks like?
Here are some pictures I snapped after purchasing some new things for the apt...

aparemento (1 of 1)
aparemento (1 of 1)-2
 | Couch: Ikea | Table: Target | Bookshelf: Target | Deer Shed: The Wildnerness |

aparemento (1 of 1)-3 aparemento (1 of 1)-5
After Rob & Ali told us of their awesome finds at World Market, we had to check it out.
We found this awesome wooden desk & hutch for only $100 (orig. $200+)
And we also found this cute table runner and round table mat for our fishies.

aparemento (1 of 1)-6
Oh, and we got some new rocks for the fishies' home.
I'm thinking they like them... I sure hope they do
And they hide all the fishie poo. Score!



Christine Dickson said...

Very nice! Your Washington mother-in-law is still waiting for an invitation to come over!

Pearl said...

aww..cute. i love the simplicity of it. the fishes are cute!


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