I was looking through my phone gallery...
And thought that some of these were cool enough to share.
So... Here are some cool pics from my phone...
(in order from newest to oldest, pretty much)

snow 2011-02-23_14-55-41_695
bubbers 2011-02-06_15-35-10_902
2011-01-05_17-49-10_194 2011-01-05_18-31-53_337
2010-12-09_19-41-51_453 2010-10-17_19-27-51_966
2010-11-07_14-13-37_399 2010-09-25_10-34-23_239
2010-12-03_20-07-29_743 2010-09-18_11-38-29_877

from left to right, top to bottom:
-Look how snowy it is today! Seriously Washington?
-My husband is so sexy at work :)
-Babysitting Graham aka Bubbers
-Once again.. Sexy husband..
-Nick building a tower with Jenga blocks
-Kara holding Matthew. "Ballooooooon"
-Father-in-law/Boss wearing his prize at our work's White Elephant
-Bubbers dressed up so fancy with Mike's coat and my scarf
-Red, the puppy we babysat for a week
-Mike and I at an old nuclear reactor. Cool beans.
-Just us. Being cute.
-Beautiful view while driving home from Bremerton
-Bentley licking my nose. Not biting it.

I'm all about the randomness lately, aren't I?
Sorry folks.



Diana Smith said...

FUN pics!! I think Washington has beautiful weather, but I am sure since you live there everyday, it must get a bit much haha

The Smith Circle

Victoria said...

That first picture is amazing! It looks pro, for sure! =)

Pearl said...

I love this post! I was actually thinking of the same idea the other day. I have like a million pics on my phone..and the best ones too! I need to share them.
So thanks for reminding me!


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