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Pants: ASOS | Shirt: Banana Republic | Shoes: Charlotte Rousse | Belt: H&M | Glasses: Zumiez

>>> - My new pants from ASOS finally came in the mail!
As soon as I pulled them out of the bag, Mike was like, "Um, mom jeans?"
Yeah I'll admit they don't look so hot when they're not being worn.
But I am love love loving the way they look on.
Plus they are very comfortable & look suh-weet with some heals.

>>> - I usually don't wear glasses. I don't even need them.. they're fake.
But, when I don't have time to put on makeup, I wear them.

>>> - Sorry about the long ugly cord that is in all of the pics.
I'm working on it okay? You're going to have to deal with it for now.
And I don't even know why that piece of paper is laying there. FML.

>>> - My hair is so freaking long don't you think? Well for me at least.
Remember that post when I asked if should chop my hair off?
Most of you said to go for it, but my husband was not cool with it.
Which I'm glad, because my hair has suddenly started to grow!
Speaking of hair -- Enter my super cool GIVEAWAY!

>>> - Tonight we're going to the ward potluck.
Which I'm really excited for, because I'm sick of paying for food.
Dang doctors take away all of our money :(



Kitsune-kun said...

L O V E these trousers. gorgeous. I'll never be able to afford asos stuff so I'm just left to drool over the interwebs and then try to recreate my own version from thrift pants...I'm working on some olive pleated men's trousers....haha we'll see

Diana Smith said...

You look freakin hot!! love what you have done!

Brod and Cara said...

ahh i love!! they look amazing on you!

Lizzie B. said...

Hottie!!!!! Want them!

Sara Louise said...

They look fantastic! Love them with the heels

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