Random Thought #1 -- My jaw is bugging the crap out of me. I can't open my mouth all the way, and when I do it grinds and pops. UGH!! And now it is starting to hurt. GREAT. That is the last thing I want to worry about right now.

Random Thought #2 -- I must must must go and get my Washington driver's license before the end of the month. My Utah license expires in March, and if that happens, I'll have to take a driving test and a written test. BOO! No way I'm doing that.

Random Thought #3 -- I've been getting more sleep! BEFORE, when Mike would tell me it was time for bed, I would get really ornery because I use to HATE to go to bed (because the sooner you go to bed, the sooner the next day starts). But NOW, I've been taking my pills at like 10:30, and since those make me drowsy, I'm sooooo dozy ready to go to bed and get some zzzzzz's.

Random Thought #4 -- I love my goofy husband for bringing me a random Valentine Day card, even though it isn't even Valentines Day....


Random Thought #5 -- Speaking of Mike. He is totally getting buff - and I am just loving it. Haahaha. He's been working out everyday, eating healthy, taking vitamins, etc. He is one sexy manly man. MMM mmm mm.

Random Thought #6 -- My giveaway ends tomorrow. Remember people, this is a G I V E A W AY... I will just give it to you! Isn't that easy? So enter! Those of you who don't enter.. Have fun with your dry brittle hair. haha. I kid. But seriously. ENTER!

Random Thought #7 -- Can you tell I had no idea what to blog about today? I seriously couldn't think of a thing. And even right now I can't even think of another "Random Thought" to write down. But I don't want to end this post yet.. So here I continue typing. blah blah blah.

Random Thought #8 -- I totally thought of one more thing! While I was in feeding my fish yesterday I heard car tires screeching and then I heard a loud BOOM! There was a car wreck right outside my window! That is the closest I've ever been to witnessing one before (don't worry, no one was even close to being hurt).

And those, ladies & gentlemen, are my random thoughts on a Thursday. 



hayley said...

the car wreck must've been scary! oh i want a husband! i'm only 17 though!
my mum's jaw completely locks up in the morning and she has to crack it every day to get it to open wide!

i love your blog!

Kitsune-kun said...

you have TMJ! I have it too, it sucks. it gets especially bad when I get overly stressed and I clench my jaw in my sleep.

This might sound weird, but I looked up ways to deal with it on the internet and there's a couple physical exercises that have helped me.....thay have to do with holding the tip of your tongue to different parts of the roof of your mouth for certain amounts of time....it's supposed to relax and strengthen muscles and tendons around the jaw I think....stop chewing gum. fer sher.

Diana Smith said...

hahah thats hilarious about your husband! Don't you love it when they do that!?! Scary about your jaw and yeah I hate going to bed, so much more to do than sleeep!

Jenessa said...

happy thursday. oh also em, i totally noticed mike's arms in your valentines pics. ha ha get it guuurl.

Rach said...

for your random thought number 1- that used to happen to me! probably tmj. mine isn't really bad anymore. hopefully yours will go away too :)

Becca. said...

love the idea of this post, and the photos in the post below are adorable!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Victoria said...

haha husbands are so goofy!
Isn't it great?!

Pearl said...


this made me smile.

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