(Picture taken March 14, 2010 in PV by my madre)

Happy first day of March!
March happens to be the month of my birthday.
And this year I will be turning 21!

Which.. doesn't really mean a thing.
I won't be drinking.. I won't be working at a bar...

Pretty much I'll just be one year older...
And that much closer to turning 30 :(
I don't want to grow up! Nooooo!!!!!!!

Haha.. but I really am excited to celebrate my B-day.
It's a day for me and only me. HELL YEAH!

P.S. Do any of you play Wordsmith on your smart phone?
If so, send me your username and we'll play!
Mine is: emilyjanette



Diana Smith said...

haha I am the total opposite! I can't wait to turn 30!! I feel so young right now. I am 22 but almost always people think I am older and then when they find out how old I really am, they are like oh... haha

emily said...

well march is the best bday month to have. it's mine too.

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