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Cream Sweater: Banana Republic | Gold Chains Necklace: Forever 21

The color was just not working with these photos.. so I had to do B&W.
I'm seriously frustrated with my photo taking/editing skills (or lack of) right now.
I feel like I have all of the tools to create some fab images... but meh...
I just need to study up on my camera and practice practice practice!!!

I've never taken any digital photography classes and I definitely want to.
I've got 2 years left of college to finish.. I've been planning to major in Graphic Design,
But I'm getting the urge to maybe to finish in photography instead.
Not because I am good at it (which I'm not), but to LEARN & become good!

I don't know.. It's an option.. Something to think about.
La dee da la dee da.



the lovebirds said...

you're simply gorgeous! what a cute blog. xo

Diana Smith said...

I think you would do amazing at both graphic design and photography! You do so well with your pictures, they are always flawless! decision, decisions!!

Christine Dickson said...

I love the black and white alot! You should major in the thing you are most interested in!

roxannescoville said...

Emily! Listen to are amazingly artistic. I adore black and white. Color fades, black/white is classy and classic! Love you lots! Mama Idaho xoxo

Pearl said...

I have the same necklace.


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