Top: H&M | Pants: Asos | Shoes: Target

>>> - This shirt is so incredible sheer - I almost didn't buy it.
But I decided to find the perfect undershirt, and I did!
I bought a nude color t-shirt from F21 for only $3.50, YES!

>>> -  Ok I have a challenge for all of you who are interested.
I challenge you all to not put so much heat on your hair.
I bring this up because I haven't been blowdrying my hair...
And today was the first time in a long time that I straightened it.
My hair feels like silk, and I know it's because I've laid off on the heat.
(I shower at night and let my hair air dry while I sleep - If you were wondering.
And I also put in a leave-in-conditioner while it is wet.)

>>> - Wondering what my post title is all about?
Well I'm grateful for all of the good people in my life who care about me.
I got so much love from everyone after posting about my depressed feelings.
Thank you bloggers! I love your "get well" comments. LOVE.
Thank you Rachel (my sis) for calling me and sending me uplifting quotes.
Thank you Mike for sending me such a loving email during work...
It really is the small things that can lift my spirits. Thank you



becky said...

i love your blog so much. your still is ridiculous by the way! love it. and i just read the story of you and mike and it made me laugh, the life of young single adults is so entertaining haha.

becky said...

and i meant your style, not still. my bad haha.

Lauren said...

Girl...I started embracing the natural drying method for hair a while ago, and Im SO glad I did! best thing ever.

Kait said...

I adore the shirt!

I sometimes have to blow dry my hair, when I do I make sure to use plenty of leave in conditioner and heat protectant. It helps a great deal, and I honestly don't notice the difference. If anything it's a little smoother. But still its just so bad for hair to fry it so I try to avoid using heat frequently on it. My hair is dead straight naturally, so I often don't have to worry about straightening it, I'll use my straightener on my bangs and the ends of my hair at the most.

Laura said...

love this outfit!
Born To Be Styled

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