Dress: Banana Republic | Troopa Boots: Steve Madden

>>> - This outfit is S I M P L E -- and that is what I like about it.
I could've added a belt or some jewelry, but I feel like I would be overdoing it.

>>> - I'm obsessed with these boots and wear them whenever I have the chance.
So I'm sorry if they are in every single outfit post that I put up here.

>>> - I'm thinking about doing a tutorial of how how I get my wavy hair.
It's such a easy way to do your hair, and sooo cute and feminine.

>>> - I've been playing with my camera A LOT.
I've been studying up on it and am actually learning something!
Today's pictures I was really trying to get that sunlight to peep through.
I think I did okay, and I can only get better and better :)

And that is all.
Don't forget to wear green tomorrow!!!



Carlinn said...

you should be obsessed with the boots they are awesome!

Elecia said...

Definitely do the hair tutorial! I have the same length hair, and it will pretty much do anything I tell it to, I just haven't mastered the "purposely messy, yet put together look". I either get polished, or the Medusa morning look haha!

Erin said...

I would love to see the tutorial!

kara said...

yes the hair tutorial is a must!

emily said...

love the boots. please do tutorial.

Diana Smith said... ENOUGH SAID! seriously girl, you have a gift!

yane!! said...

yea!!! do the tutorial!!

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