Dress: Thrifted  |  Undershirt: Banana Republic  |  Vest: AE  | Necklaces: AE & Asos  |  Bracelet: Pacsun  |  Belt: Asos  |  Boots: S. Madden

First thing, thank you all for your advice regarding my "Sleepless Nights" post.
I received two worried emails from both my mom & my mother-in-law. I loved that.

Second thing. I tried taking Nyquil last night - I slept the WHOLE night.
But, I was drowzy about 6 of the 8 hours I was at work.
Then when I came home, I took a nap until 10 pm. Shoot.
So, I think I'm going to follow Erin's (my sis-in-law) advice and take Melatonin.
Maybe then I won't be dozing off at work.

P.S. Is everyone liking the outfit posts?
I've been trying really hard to do one everyday.
Let me know!!!



Kerry and Eileen said...

I love your outfits! Especially the thrifted dresses! You have an amazing talent and style. Does that count coming from your mom?

Amy said...

I really like the bracelet and necklace and you definitely can pull off the denim vest! Smile girl, I bet it's beautiful like you!

amy day to day

Emily Dickson said...

Yes it does count Mom!!! Thank you :)

Elise said...

this dress looks amazing on you, i wish i could pull off this look! x

Victoria said...

I really appreciate daily outfit posts; they're awesome. Keep workin those thrifted pieces!

Jen said...

Your outfits are super cute!

RE the trouble sleeping: If it's achy joints that are keeping you awake, it might be time for a new mattress. It really makes a difference! Huge difference! I was having similar issues and we finally upgraded to a new, better mattress. I now sleep like a baby. In the meantime, you could try taking a single Children's Benadryl? It's only 12mg vs. the 25mg in an adult Benadryl so you're not drowsy the next day and it's non-habit-forming. [The active ingredient in Benadryl is diphenhydramine, which is the same ingredient used as a sleep aid in Tylenol PM, but Tylenol PM has acetaminophen which can be bad for your liver.

Good luck!

American Honey said...

Love your dress, so cute!!

Lizzie B. said...

love the outfit love love. Please keep them coming.

Caiti said...

i love this dress! so cute!

i'm a new follower. :)

Meer said...

Those boots are super cute.

Camille said...

ooooh thank YOU. i have been trying to get inspired on how to wear my s. madden troopa saved me!


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