Shirt: H&M  |  Cardigan:  Husband's  |  Pants: Asos  |  Shoes: F21  |  Belt: H&M

Yep one picture is all you're getting today.
It was an odd day for pictures - can't say I enjoyed it.
Also odd day because we got a desktop computer...
The color is kind of different compared to my laptop..
So I'm hoping these pictures look okay.
Does anyone know how to adjust the monitor to the perfect settings?
Oh that would be so nice to know.



B said...

I "discovered" your blog recently and I must say, Im loving it!


kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Um, love this. You are totally rocking those new glasses of yours!

lindsay said...

LOVE this outfit. You are beautiful, em! thanks again for the camera help :)

Chloe said...

Have I ever told you, you are such a DOLL!

Gorgeous. I need some of those glasses in my life.

C x

M. said...

just found your blog. hellooooo amazingness. don't know how to fix a monitor, but i do know i like your face/ red lips.


Yeri said...

Sometimes one picture is all you need to make the statement.

I am loving everything about this outfit, particularly the rust colored pants. They look stylish AND comfy. Sign me up!

Brittany said...

Oh! Just found your blog & I'm infatuated! Sounds like we have a lot in common. I am also getting married [very soon] at the ripe age of 21 and fiance & I are planning a move to either Washington or Oregon this time next year, depending on where I get into grad school!

Love your style & looking forward to being a new reader!

Jenessa said...

so cute. how come you guys got a desktop comp??

Carolyn said...

love that you're wearing your hubby's cardigan! that oversized look is so cute :)

melissa said...

I am not one with coloured oufits BUT you look cool in every single post. I also love teh glasses. I am your new follower. Please check out my blog
COngrats in your wedding

marietales said...

I love this look :))

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