Dress: H&M  |  Top: Thrifted  |  Sandals:  Target

I'm exhausted and a little upset because most of the pictures we took today were crap.
And not because of the shots or poses, but because of me setting the wrong camera settings.
The ones you see are the only good ones, and the rest sucked so bad.
I spent hours trying to make them look normal, but it was impossible.
So you are lucky I'm giving you the good ones.

I'm going to be more careful the next time I take pictures.
I need to study up even more on my camera, because I thought I knew more than I did.
What would really help is if I took a photography class.
I think I'll look into that right now.

Anyone want to teach me for free? Please!



rebecca said...

Pioneer Woman gives some quick little lessons on shutter speed, aperture and exposure. It's pretty basic but I think it helps. I used to choose the settings and then hand it to my husband, but I learned what also helps is teaching your husband how to make the minor changes necessary so while he's shooting he can check the photos to make sure they're not over or under exposed.

Here's the link:

You still look gorgeous by the way. Love that maxi!

Julie said...

I'll teach you! :D I'm not too far away from you! Hahah.

But yeah, Rebecca's totally got the right idea. When I was first learning photography, I taught myself through online tutorials. Digital Photography School was pretty much my favorite learning website!

Sorry about our photos :( I've definitely ruined photos because of wrong settings as well, but these look great! You look gorgeous as always (:

girluntitled said...

i got a C in my photography class in university for always having the wrong settings. it definitely takes practice and a lot of patience. (i tried to convince my prof that i just really liked how every photo came out a blue hue ha ha)

Chloe Rushworth said...

What are you on about, your photos are always gorgeous hun. fab dress.

C x

Rachel said...

I just found your blog after watching your ombre hair video on youtube! I'm super excited! Can't wait too look at all your beautiful pictures and I'm sooooo following you :)

/ Rachel from Sweden

Black Pearls said...

Very pretty I love the photos!! Great blog!
xoxo asiahlynn

Roxanne said...

Stunning as always! I just love that Maxi dresses are coming back. I think you look fabulous in them (as you look in everything). AND your pictures are great, too! Love, RS

รก la Jode said...

your photos are incredibly gorgeous.. love them just as much as i love your styling.
it just all takes practice. i'm sure you'll get it in no time!

with lots of love!

Yeri said...

Love that striped dress on you!

I can feel your pain about the photos not coming out. It's so disappointing! But your pics look great!

PS: If you do find someone to help you, I would love to join you for a tutorial! I'm in Seattle.

Nicole C said...

such a lovely look! you pull of the stripes very well

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