Top: Pacsun (refashioned into crop top)  |  Dress: Asos  |  Scarf: AE  |  Tights:  Ross  |  Boots: S. Madden

Okay, the reason why I called this post "Casual Color-Block"....
Well, normal color-block is so clean cut with straight lines, blah blah blah.
And that is just not me. AT ALL. So that explains the "casual."

What I learned from doing this post is that I need more bright colorful clothes!
I had in mind that I wanted to do a color-block post...
So when I went into my closet I was very frustrated because it was all neutral colors!
Gosh dang me staying in my little safe comfort zone.

I have a bunch of new followers, so I would like to say...
WELCOME! Make yourself at home :)
Pretty soon I'll do a little "Getting to Know Me" for you guys.

It's the weekend!!! I've got therapy tomorrow morning.
Pretty excited/nervous. I really like my therapist. She's so chill.
So go me for leaving my comfort zone for this!



Maria Camila said...

Love this outfit and specially the colors u picked....funny thing I totally color blocked a green blouse with a royal blue scarf today....I also agree that u can color block with sooooo many textures and silhouettes

Chloe Rushworth said...

I'm so the same, I need more colours. Love this outfit though.

C x
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modaslamona said...

so cute!i really like your style!:)

Jelena ~ said...

your pretty! cute blog!

Bella said...

I have just found your blog on IFB and I must say I love it! You're so cute and have so much style! I'm following you now! :)


Roxanne said...

Okay, Emily Dickson! You are in BIG trouble now! Mrs. "I just wear black because most of my shoes are black" feels like a great big "blah, blah, blah" when I see your stunning colors. What an uplifting vision of loveliness you are and I must say that your colors are perfect on you and have cheered up my Saturday! Maybe you can help me add some of your vibrancy into my life?! Love ya lots! xoxo

Lauren said...

Oh goodness...I LOVE this. So pretty!

Jessycalouise said...

Lovely outfits and you are immensely pretty! :) I'm following.



Jessycalouise said...

Lovely outfits and you are immensely pretty! :) I'm following.



Megan Hattie said...

I love this outfit! Such a pretty take on color blocking. LOVELY!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

thedemuremuse.com said...

i just found your blog and could not stop going through the older posts. love the color palette you chose for this outfit. :D

katrina // the demure muse

danielle said...

i can't get over your lip color.... what is it??

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