Top: F21  |  Jeans: Nordstrom  |  Shoes: Toms via Nordstrom  |  Necklace F21

Nothing special about this about outfit, maybe not even worth posting.
BUT, I loved wearing it today. And to be quite cocky, I felt pretty darn cute.
I wish you could all feel this shirt - it is soooo soft and smooth. 
Anyway, I thought my gold sparkly Toms would spice up the outfit.
Along with some coral lipstick (inspired by Jcrew - they love their coral lips)

Now lets talk about how my sleep has been going, since I've complained already about it.
Last night was horrrrible. I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep.
So that meant I felt like pure crap at work. It was bad.
When I went to the doctor yesterday, he said the pills I'm taking might be affecting my sleep.
So, I need to start taking those in the morning, so I can avoid this horribleness.

I've been seeing a lot of negative & rude comments about "fashion blogs"
Here are my thoughts on that.
If you don't like them, don't look at them...
Why do people have blogs? To post about things that interest them.
If they love fashion, photography, and all that jazz, then let them post about it.
I see these rude comments and statuses from some of my own followers.
Aaaannndd it really bugs me.
Just had to get that off my chest.



p.s. It was very rainy, gloomy, and grey today.
So that is why my pictures are a little darker and grainier.
Dang you rainy Washington!!!


Elise said...

i love the shirt, it looks so comfy! i also like how the shoes and the lipstick make such a difference x

Natasha Louise said...

I actually love this look, sometimes casual like that is all you need, to look and feel great!

Amy said...

You should feel cute, it's a great outfit! Love the sparkly Toms for a girly touch!

amy day to day

alli said...

You're workin' that shirt Emily, very cute. And it seems like not everyone can pull off lipstick like that but you certainly do!

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