Dresses: F21 & Banana Republic  |  Cardi: Urban Outfitters  |  Hair Scarf: Thrifted  |  Neckalces: F21 & Asos  |  Leggings:  American Apparel  |  Boots: Journeys

This outfit is so random - isn't it great?
I wore that crochet dress as a swimsuit cover-up...
But I liked it so much, so I came up with a way that I could wear it.
The hair scarf is probably my favorite part of the outfit...
It totally doesn't match the other stuff, and that what makes it so cute.
Love breaking the rules and mixing all sorts of colors, patterns, & textures.

Notice the awkward wide stance in the first pic?
Well I was dancing to Rihanna. Ha so embarrassing.
I always listen to music when I take my pics.
It puts me in a good and comfortable mood.

Tomorrow is Friday and guess how I get to start my day?
Therapy. ha... NOoooo!!! 
It will be my first time going, so wish me luck people!



Jenessa said...

i love everything about this outfit. GOOD LUCK EM! you'll rock it.

girluntitled said...

i love the crochet has a very bohemian feel to it. and therapy is actually a really neat experience, i think every girl should go at least once in their life and learn things about themselves they never knew go HOG WILD in there!

Claire said...

Hey! I love looking at your blog and your photos every day. So cute, fun, and inspiring. :]
Also, I wanted to comment mostly about the therapy thing! I went to a new therapist last night so it's really on my mind a lot! I tried going once before and had a not so great experience, so I've been searching for a new one... if you are totally open and honestly just think what is best for you, including finding a therapist you click with, it will be GREAT! I just wanted to share that with you.
Sorry for the long comment from someone you don't know! But bloggers love comments from their followers right?! :D

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

Your too cute. Love this outfit. The crochet dress is adorable. Good luck in therapy :) Hope all goes well!!

Chloe Rushworth said...

Sooo cute. Love the crochet.

C x

mandyface said...

You put together super awesome outfits miss lady! Ps- I have a polka dot scarf in my hair right now! I think we're mfeo...

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