Dress: Asos  |  Cardigan: The Loft  |  Necklace: Pacsun  |  Hair Scarf: Thrifted  |  Tights: AE

>>> - I got this cute dress in the mail today - Love!
I got it using a Groupon so it was suuuuper cheap.
I love finding dresses that are long & modest. No need for leggings :)

>>> - Mike and I honestly thought today was Wednesday - So happy it's not!
We might see Insidious this weekend.
I had never heard of it, probably because it's a scary movie.
But it got good reviews...  So we'll see!

>>> - Sorry about the vague post about my Dr. Appt...
It's probably annoying to read things like that when you don't know what's going on.
But a blogger has got to have some privacy right? haha...



Jenessa said...

i love love love this outfit! it's so cheerful and pretty!

katherine said...

love the dress! and that hair scarf is super cute :) you pull it off so well!

Wellesley {Being the Change} said...

Love! Love! Love! That outfit! So pretty!

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