Okay friends, have you heard of TIKKR?
I just discovered them and I am  l o v i n g  their watches.

Image of Electric BananaImage of Burnt OrangeImage of El DiabloImage of White CollarImage of Pink PantherImage of Black MarketImage of Plum Crazy

They literally have every color (these are just some of my favs!)
Don't they remind you of old retro clocks from the 70's?
It's like retro gone modern - LOVE!

Check them out HERE!! Seriously.
I can't wait to get me one - You'll definitely be seeing it here on the blog.



kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Ohh, I love these watches. So cute! The only thing is, I would have trouble reading the time... I need lines for the hours. I promise I'm smart.

Chloe Rushworth said...

Gorgeous. I want the bright yellow one.

C x http://memiorsofalittlethingcalledlife.blogspot.com/

girluntitled said...

i don't know which color i'd choose...i love them all!

Bambi Eyez said...

omg i want i want i want!!! so cool :)

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