Top: Thrifted  |  Hair-Scarf: Thrifted  |  Jeans:  Nordstrom  |  Sweater:  Victoria Secret  |  Boots: S. Madden

Hot husband who helped take my pics. Thanks babe!
Top:  Pendleton  |  Sunglasses:  Mossimo (Target)

So there is this cute little spot right next to our apt that I know I had to photograph.
I begged Mike if he would come out side so I could take pictures of him.
I did some test shoots with him to figure out the lighting & all the camera settings...
And then of course it turned into him taking pictures of me. Love him.

These pictures turned out amazing! (Not to brag or anything)
I'm so used to taking pictures inside - I had no idea that my camera would take pics like this!
I will definitely be doing more outside outfit pictures. That's for sure.

Saturady morning I had therapy and it was just great - My therapist is so smart!
Seriously impressed with her, and seriously excited to see me improve!
After therapy I stopped by a thrift store that's about 2 blocks from our apt.
I had never been there because it looked like a piece of junk.
BUT, I was wrong, and I found some nice little treasures :)

After all of that, Mike and I ran errands and got some much needed stufffff...
Like an ottoman, rug, shirts for him, shoes for me (okay maybe those weren't much needed)
Anywho it was a successful day, and that makes me happy.



Carlinn said...

So cute that you get your husband to take pics. I always have to ask my boyfriend as well :) lovely photos!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

I agree, these pictures are amazing!!

Chloe Rushworth said...

Gorgeous, you have such effortless style.

Taking the cam outside makes such a difference right?

C x
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rue du tabac said...

Everything here screams Beautiful! You're so pretty and your photos are amazing, as well as the layout and all those small details!

Diana Smith said...

Pretty pictures, I love your headband!

rebecca said...

Gorgeous. Love your headscarf, simple top, and fabulous boots!


ashley in wonderland said...

such a cute head scarf!

Maria Camila said...

Your boots are so cute and I love the headband, I really want to rock a full on turbant like DIY xoxo http://mariacamilascloset.blogspot.com/

Tayler said...

I absolutely love your blog!! great quality posts and everything. Linked you to my blogroll "sweethearts" and followed! :)


Marissa said...

I love the red head scarf! It adds a fun pop to your outfit :) xoxo Marissa


Little Lo Hood said...

hi there, just stumbling along here and your blog is great! I love all your outfits and this one seems like one I would love to wear! PS: you are oh so very pretty!

Rachel said...

You are just so cute! Mike looks so suave in his sunglasses! I just love your blog and amazing pictures!

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