Romper: F21  |  Sweater: F21  |  Leggings: American Apparel  |  Boots: Steve Madden

Totally digging the Peter Pan collar - SO CUTE!
I definitely plan on getting some more of those.

So my weekend was a good one for a few different reasons:

>>> - Mike and I went to a movie (Lincoln Lawyer).
>>> - Mike let me go shopping again. Seriously this boy loves me.
>>> - I had a really good talk with my mom. It was well needed.
I felt like I grew up a little bit and our relationship is strengthened.
>>> - No church! Due to General Conference, of course.

That pretty much sums up a good weekend.

Okay now I need some advice from you guys..Well it actually for Mike
But I figure I'd ask you, cuz every time I need help you all comment w/great advice.
So anyways, he's been working out a bunch lately...
And when he does pull-ups he gets a piercing headache.
Does anyone, ANYONE, know a reason for this?
I hope to hear some good stuff, cuz he is in serious pain.

Buh, bye.



Chloe Rushworth said...

I love that peter pan collar shirt Gorgeous.

C x

Ashley Eliza said...

loving your blog. and the red.
sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! that is so strange about the headaches, the only thing that i always hear ppl say when i get headaches is to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.. so just a thought :) cute blog and you're darling!!


Anonymous said...

i love your shirt!!! You come up with some of the most creative outfits! so cute :)

pretty little mustache said...

you are a cutie & i love your style, missy! :)

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

Love your cute outfit. Love the shirt over the romper so cute!!

Jamie said...

Hey Em!
I hope you are loving being in Washington! Just and idea for Mike, I am not sure what his form looks like when he is doing pull ups but it is pretty common for that to happen when people are straining their upper traps because they attach on the skull. Tell him to try using more of his lats and mid to lower traps to take the load. And try to keep from tipping his head back to look up at the bar. Just an idea :) Let me know if it helps.
Love ya!
PS I still have the other volume of "The Notebook" haha

Diana Smith said...

You are sooo pretty! I love your red lips!

American Honey said...

Love your outfit!! I think its now one of my favs! So cute:)

Lizzie B. said...

Hope mikey poo is okay!! I have no clue as to what it means...maybe you guys should call up the good ol' Doctor Scoville for some advice. Anyway, Loving your clothes as usual. And Maybe I see a visit in our future?

Brittany said...

k one of my favorite outfits!! love love the red striped shirt peeking through!!

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