Dress: Vintage  |  Undershirt: F21  |  Shoes: Target

This is what I wore to church on Easter Sunday.
I was so excited to wear my new vintage dress because of the Eastery pastel colors!
The day definitely wasn't sunny like it was on Saturday.
In fact it was very grey & rainy, so we had to take the pictures inside...
And because I'm bitter about that, I gave these pics a gloomy look.
Nice right? haha. You suck rainy Washington.

Some of you have asked what type of lip stuff I wear...
I wear a Covergirl lip stain because I just really hate lipstick.
Lipstick smears and smudges and lip stain does the opposite.
In fact I'll wake up the next day and it's still there. CRAZY.
In this pic I'm wearing Moonlit Mauve (553).
And when I'm wearing a lighter more pink lip stain...
That one is called Sweet Burgandy (523).
I plan on getting a coral colored one because Coral is the coolest color..

So I'm finally getting used to these glasses of mine.
I've never had glasses so my eyes had to get used to them.
Now when I take them off I can see such a difference.



modaslamona said...

i don't know, but i really love all your looks!^^

rebecca said...

I'm with you on the lip stain. I'm chapstick obsessed and that doesn't go so well with matte lipstick. The stain is definitely a better option. Your glasses look fabulous!

Kaitlyn said...

You have a wonderful sense of style!!!

In our sea of love

deEPOCA said...

LADIES if you too want to carry an effortless look this spring, then this kind of a get-up is an ideal take!!!!!!!!!! <3!

dreamcatcher said...

That dress is gorgeous! Perfect for Easter/ Spring (: x

Chloe said...

Need to buy some lipstain then. That dress is amazing.

C x

Diana Smith said...

I love how you wore bright red lips with your subdued colored outfit, really makes them pop! That dress is really pretty on you though, the colors are perfect for Easter!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Oooh, I really want to find that lipstain! The flowy dress looks so comfy!

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