Sweater, Leggings, & Earrings: F21  |  Skirt:  AE (2 yrs ago)  |  Belt: Thrifted  |  Boots: S. Madden

I kind of forgot I had this skirt because it's so short...
But I lovvve this skirt, so I decided to modest-ize (totally not a word) it.
Every once in a while I find an awesome treasure in Americal Eagle..
This was one of them. Sweet and colorful. MMM.

After seeings that LLYMLRS ombre-ed her hair again...
I'm inspired to do the same. I'm such an ombre lover.
It'll be nice to have even lighter tips for when summer comes.
(watch my ombre tutorial HERE)

I'm starting to do sponsors (I know I don't have a huge blog)
But my blog is most certainly growing. Faster than I thought.
So I'm going to try this out for fun, and hope to get a couple.
And my rates are pretty stinkin cheap....
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dotty said...

i just found your blog through IFB and it's fantastic. the lightness of the layout and your photos works so well together!

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)
dash dot dotty

Lara Caselli said...

Hi Emily!
I found your blog through your post at IFB too... I really liked, you do know how to take photos! Do you take them yourself?
Oh, I'm following you too :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute look! You look like you should be in an Urban Outfitters catalog! Pretty cool.

Stop by some time :)

Roxanne said...

You have such a sweet "come hither" smile! I think you are just stunning! So, please don't stand by me in any pictures...unless it's Halloween and I'm supposed to be scary looking! Oh, yea. Tu es tres jolie! xoxo

Alexia said...

I LOVE your blog :) your outfits are gorgeous.
x x x Alexia


Chelsea Lane said...

HIII just found you on IFB, and I adore your style! we must meet up in seattle sometime! so excited to follow ya, your outfits are mosttt definitely inspirational :)


Courtney Makel Phipps said...

I am ombreing my hair tomorrow! My mom is a hair stylist and her clients have asked to do that to their hair but she doesn't know how! So I showed her your video and it helped a lot! Thanks! And I LOVE your earring! Right now I have a diamond in my cartilage but I want a hoop so bad but can't find them anywhere! :)

modaslamona said...

i really love your blog and your style, so sweet!i follow! regards from spaiN!

dejoiss said...

accidenttally found your blog and it's truly amazing! love it so much! you smile is so charming and you're so beautiful & inspiring! haha, following you~! :)

dejoiss ♥


Nita -Karoliina said...

I found your blog via IFB. I really like it. Following :)

Little Rus said...

What a pretty flirty skirt! So perfect for summer. x

Jessica Shearing said...

Just found your blog ! Loving it! Obsessed with the colours in that skirt, i bet there is no way of finding it now though!

Sparks and Fireworks.blogspot

The Suburb Experiment said...

I find some pretty random good stuff at American Eagle too. I think technically I should be too old for it but old, schmold.

I found your blog from an email sent reference the Seattle area fashion blogger meetup. Hi! (waves across the Narrows)


marietales said...

I love your skirt :))

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