Dress: Thirfted  |  Cardi: Urban  |  Belt: Asos  |  Necklace: Pacsun  |  Shoes:  Famous Footwear

So Friday's therapy was rescheduled for Saturday...
I really liked it. It was hard to be honest, but well worth it.
My therapist told me to use my gps and drive around town, ALONE.
So as soon as we got home from the appt, Me Myself & I went thrifting.

I bought 4 long floral dresses (the one I'm wearing), a belt, & a cuuute purse.
Oh and probably the best purchase was a cute blazer -- which is unique.
Why you ask? Because I found it in the little boys' section.
I've always wanted a blazer but they're always so boxy and baggy.
I like certain things to fit snug, and a blazer is one of those.
So a little boys long sleeved dress coat made for a PERECT 1/4 length blazer.

Don't the weekends go by a little too fast?
At work I always tell Mike to fast forward time...
And now I wish I could just freeze time and live in the moment.
But life is life, and you gotta just roll with it!



girluntitled said...

love that dress...sucha great find

Jenessa said...

you find the best dresses, you have so many now!

Monica Whitney said...

I've always wanted to see someone wearing a loose cardigan with a dress and make it look chic and not frumpy and you have just done it!

colleenroselle said...


colleenroselle said...

p.s. I pretty much stalked your whole blog and I love the story of you and Mike .....(although at the beginning I was pretty skeptical because I thought he was a little douchebag ha ha)
anyways yey I'm glad I found your blog!

Chloe Rushworth said...

Gorgeous gorgeous dress! I love your blog so much. Your style is so effortless.

C x

Kotonaru Designs said...

i LOVE!!!!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

I love this look. I just recently bought a similar floral dress. Thanks for the inspiration of how to wear it :)

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