Dress: Thrifted (Brand is Banana Republic)  |  Leggings: F21 (inside out)  |  Boots: S. Madden  |  Earrings: Jewel Mint

Once again, my amazing and hot husband who took my pictures.

Mike has been so great and has agreed to take my pictures everyday.
That is serious commitment. And if any of you know him,  you know that he's not the biggest fan of commitment.

Yesterday was great! Well besides work... I really dislike work.
But afterwards, Mike took my pictures, and then we went to the park.
Mike did his workout while I edited my photos.
It was fun to do our own separate things, but still be together.
Not to mention being out in the fresh air was a huge bonus.

I ordered the glasses that I showed you a little while back.
They should be arriving any day! So freakin' excited!

Oh and did I tell all of you that our tax return arrived...
And that we paid off ALL of our debt with it. OH MY GOSH.
Yeah, it was the best feeling in the world.



brittany leigh said...

Lovely photos! I wish I could get my boy to take my photos!

Julie said...

Beautiful photos! You look gorgeous.
Love that dress & those boots!

When my boy comes home for the summer, I am so going to teach him how to take my pictures. Hahah.

Can't wait to see you at the meet up!

my soul is the sky said...

your pics are amazing. what kind of a camera do you use?

Diana Smith said...

You look so pretty! I love that you paid off your debt! I am so jealous!! I wish I could be as awesome as you two. It seems like once i get it paid off something else makes me go back into debt haha

Chloe Rushworth said...

Gorgeous as always. Hubs are great for taking photos right?

C x
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Kristi said...

This is so cute! I love how you're able to wear those boots in so many different ways.

-Kristi, fellow Washingtonian!

rebecca said...

I can't get over your boots. I want a pair so bad. Though I don't have your fabulous legs so I don't think they would look quite as good. Beautiful dress. Beautiful outfit. Congrats on the 200!


colleenroselle said...


Mr. and Mrs. Baker said...

Girl your blog is adorable! Just thought I'd let you know :)

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