Dress: Vintage from deEPOCA  |  Undershirt: F21  |  Shoes: Target  |  Belt: Thrifted  | Scarf: Thrifted

Got this dress from deEPOCA - and love it.
I feel so feminine and lovely when I wear it.
Go check out their shop for more wonderful vintage items!

So the news the news the news.
The news made me very happy last night.
Well actually I found out about Mr. Osama from people on Facebook.
So thank you Facebook friends.

Seriously when I found this out, my American pride grew a million times.
How lucky we are to have such amazing soldiers who never give up.
I'm also lucky to have a husband who will be serving our country not too far from now.
God bless America - I can't say it enough!



ivelisse said...

oh dear goodness, i'm in LOVE with this dress! i've been following your blog for a little now and seriously adore all of the outfits you put together!! xo

Jenessa said...

1. You look lovely in these pictures.
3. Mike's going to be serving for our country??
love you.

Diana Smith said...

its so true! Our country is pretty amazing! Has your husband joined the army??

deEPOCA said...


Bambi Eyez said...

that dress is stunning on you!!!

Cait said...

This dress is so lovely and looks great on you :) love the contrast with the headband and I want your glasses!

The Dainty Squid said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!!

Ashley said...

Holy SMOKES! You look fabulous. Not sure why it's only my first time here to your most lovely little blog, but now that I've found you, I think I'll stick around! That vintage dress is amazing. You have stunning style.

p.s. YES! God BLESS America! :D

deEPOCA said...

Lovely Em featured here

Chloe said...

Oh this dress is luscious. Looking amazing as always.

C x
Check out my new concept 'Style it Five'

gogina said...

this whole outfit is magic.

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