I tried to look for a picture of my home back in Utah but I couldn't find one!
So I tried looking on Google Maps Street View - And there it was!


This picture was clearly taken a few years back because that's my car in the driveway...
And my parents have since painted the shutters black..
I'll take an updated picture when I get there!
Holy Moly I am sooooooo super excited to go home! HOORAY!
I get to leave work in about 2 hours to get ready to go :)



Despina T. said...

Have a nice trip and a great time when u get there.ur house is so lovely :)))

I V Y said...

aw lovely. have fun <3


Miss Kait said...

Such a cute family home! Have a wonderful trip :)

taryn and taylor said...

just stumbled accross your cute blog! your style is killer!

Miss Celeste said...

visiting from C&C, your sis :]

cute blog!! i love this header at the top!

AlphabetSoup Style

Bri said...

looks like beautiful place to call home :)

Chelsea Lane said...

haha so much fun! I love the bright plants in the front :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house.

So I just found your blog this afternoon. Great find :) We seem to have a couple things in common. I grew up in Utah and now live in WA as well (Issaquah).

Looking forward to future posts.

Jenessa said...

i think i've checked your blog over a hundred times since your last post. i hope pleasant view was good to you!

amy said...

Thank goodness for google maps! It's such a wonderful invention

I like the flowers in the front ^.^

hope to hear from you*!

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