I'm going to be MIA (missing in action, not Paper Planes girl) for about a week or two.
I need to clear my head and think about what's going on with this bloggy blog of mine.
I think I might have a perdy good idea of something ya'll will like... We'll see!
Until then.. Here are some other things that will be occupying most of my time...

This Week:

--Play w/Husband
--Receive this shirt in the mail:
If you can't tell.. those are little orange horses :)
--Eat burgers (I've been craving them like crazy..
I think it's because it's warming up outside)
--Watch "The League" (hilarious TV show)
--Teach the little rugrats at church
--Barbecue at the cousins

Next Week:

--Work of course...
--Fly to UTAH and see my FAM!!!!
My Backyard - Can you tell my dad loves mowing that pretty lawn of ours?
I'll talk to ya'll laterrrrr!



Suzanne and Vivian said...

oh my goodness... i love that shirt! where's it from.

and have a fun two weeks and enjoy your family!

Liset said...

Have a great two week!! Hope u can clear all your thoughts.

Diana Smith said...

wow his lawn is gorgeous haha see you soon!

xx said...

Love that shirt! Where's it from?

Miss Kait said...

Haha I always think of MIA whenever anyone posts/says that they're going to be M.I.A these days.

What a darling shirt!! Where did you order it from?

Emma said...

Haha! I'm so glad you mentioned the M.I.A. because when you said you were going to be M.I.A. I totally got the giggles. Have a fun trip back home!

Ashley Eliza said...

oo yay for utah! have fun here. wish there was a blogger meet up!!

ps. i totally have that song stuck in my head now! ha!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

that shirt!! i need it in my life.

cristen said...

LOVE that shirt! i've been searching for anything with horses on it like that. where is it from?

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