Okay I'm so sorry to give you Mike & Emily Chapters 1, 2, & 3 (parts 1&2) and then just stop!
There are 6 total chapters and I promise I'll finish them. Starting now!
Mike was really sad I didn't finish the stories and bribed me with $50 bucks to finish... Cha Ching!

So if you have no idea what I'm talking about then I'll tell you.
I've written three chapters about how me and Mike came to be!
There is a lot of drama and back & forth-ness so it's pretty fun to read.
If you haven't reach any of the chapters, then you can find them here:

And here is Chapter 4.... (click the "Read More" button to see it!)

Mike and Emily: Chapter 4

So Jared was gone and I was back with Mike.
Things were good, I'd hang out with him a bunch...
But guess what? He was leaving me for the summer.
Mike and his cousin Paul were leaving to ride their bikes across America.

And that wasn't a couple of days kind of thing.
That was a couple of months kind of thing!
Just when things were going pretty good he was leaving. 

He gave me his keys to watch over and I drove him to the airport.
Oh and I even had to take his library books back for him. hahaha.
Anyways, when I was driving home from the airport I cried.
It hit me, I wouldn't get to see my favorite person for months...
What was I going to do?

Well I continued on with life...
I had a job at MR Network in Provo, UT.
I met Victoria there and we instantly became BFFs
She met her boyfriend at work so I became the third wheel.
But I didn't mind it because we had so much fun together!

Then there was Matt. Duh Duhh Duhhhhhhhh.
Matt also worked where we worked.
I thought he was cute so I asked him out to see the opening of Transformers.
So me, Victoria, Andrew, and Matt went to the movies and all hit it off.
I saw Matt EVERY SINGLE DAY after that.
I liked him a lot - And he liked me even more...

Now you're probably like whaaaaa? What about Mike?
Oh don't you worry, I still text and talked on the phone with Mike.
This is where it gets bad and kind of mean of me.
Welll.... I would talk on the phone with Mike.. When I was with Matt.
He'd always ask who I was talking to and I'd just say a friend.

Matt and I dated for a couple of months but then it started to get rocky.
He was looking through my phone and saw texts from Mike.
I got in big troublel. BUT he just shoved it aside and we kept dating.

WELL... A few months was up and Mike was going to come home.
I was freaking out inside because I had these two guys who I really liked!
I had to make the hardest decision EVEEEEER!
I told my fam and friends about the situation and they were all on Matt's side.
Matt was kind, sweet, worshiped me, blah blah blah.
They didn't like Mike because he would never commit and they thought he was using me.

I would always defend Mike because I knew he liked me more than everyone thought.
Even though he didn't really show it through committing.. I knew it in my heart. (ahhh)
So I was leaning towards Mike but everyone was screaming Matt.
(For example.... Mike was my Edward.. Matt was my Jacob.... haha)

Anyways, I let Matt know Mike was coming home, and that was tough.
I told Matt that I would be picking Mike up from the airport.
Matt was not happy about this at all.
I also told Matt I'd be hanging out with Mike when he got home.
Matt was definitely not happy about that.
I told him that feelings would most likely come back and that I would prob kiss Mike.
Matt got really sad, but he still stood by me.. (poor Matt!)

I never officially made a decision of who I'd pick - I just rolled with it.
I picked my up from the airport, he was skinny, super tan, and had a beard.
I was sooooo happy to see him. So happy.
We went to his house to hang out.. and we kissed.. and it was gooood.

After that nothing much changed in my life except Mike was back.
I kept hanging out with Matt.. And I never told him that I kissed Mike.
Karma was gonna get me.



Kristyn Ellen said...

You made a Twilight reference.. and it made me happy. Haha, oh man. Cute story, looking forward to hearing the rest!

jocelyn said...

Can't wait for 5 and 6!!!! I love the drama and at this point it is amazing that you ended up with him :)

colleenroselle said...

ditto to what she ^ said

Anonymous said...

Where are chapters 5 and 6???

madison avenue said...

wow your love story is complicated girl!! haha. i am sooo addicted to reading then though and im excited to read chapters 5 and 6!! p.s. im a new follower and i LOVE your blog!

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