Skirt: Vintage from Butter Toast Boutique  |  Cardi: AE  |  Shoes: Target  |  Earrings: F21

Isn't this skirt adorable? I just LOVE IT.
It fits perfectly, it's shiney, the colors are fabulous.
If you love vintage clothes I suggest you go to Butter Toast Boutique
You will love it there!

Oh and yeah... This is what I wore to church yesterday if you didn't know.
Which was fun/crazy/horrible. haha yeah, lots of slashes.
It was fun because we got to see our little primary group (5 years old) sing to their mom's.
They were sooo cute! And they couldn't stop looking at me and Mike and laughing...
Probably because we were making goofy faces at them the whole time. haha.
Crazy/Horrible go together because when we finally had to teach a lesson..
Everyone was out of control and driving me nuts. GAHHH!
So Mike went and got some Starbursts so we could bribe them.. and it worked.

Alrighty, so I really hate mondays, so please leave me some comments to cheer up my day.
Like seriously leave me hundred of thousands. hahah.
I think that is how much it would take for me to actually like my Monday.
Jk.. but really. hahaha. I'm thankful for each and every comment you guys leave.
They really do make my day :)



Lizzie B. said...

I have a good comment that will cheer you up and make you look forward to the rest of the get to see your family very soon!!! And you get to see me! Well, I'm sure you are more excited to see your fam but I understand.
Also you're a Hotty ;)

Cassidy said...

I love that skirt, you look absolutely adorable! Love the pictures.

Butter Toast Boutique said...

Ahh Em, I love what you did with this skirt!! You look lovely!

xo. Traci//Butter Toast

Kate said...

Love your skirt, so gorgeous!! I feel the same about Mondays, they're so depressing, already longing for the weekend!

Chelseabird said...

You look lovely! Butter Toast is one of my favorite vintage boutiques!

Roxanne said...

Hundreds of thousands of comments? I'll get working on that right away...because you deserve a million comments, let alone a meager hundred thousand! Love, Roxanne xo

Roxanne said...

My number two - Emily is a tremendously talented photographer! She makes all her subjects look amazing (especially her beautiful self). Love, Guess xo

Roxanne said...

Number three - Emily has a wonderful sense of style and pizzaz. Love, Moi xo

laurel said...

i follow you on twitter, and i noticed that you asked if anyone ever gets the urge to just quit blogging.

my boyfriend of four years just left me. having blogs like yours to read keeps me from feeling completely lonely and hopeless. your blog has been an escape for me. in fact, i read through some of your archives last night to distract myself from laying in bed and crying.

i hope that you never quit blogging. and i hope that your day looks up.

Erin said...

Addy says (she is sitting on my lap) "I love Emily, I love Emily" in a sing song voice; she continues "she is my favorite" (I won't tell Bethany and Hannah she said that bc it would cause a ruckus.)

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest skirt I have ever seen, I was actually thinking of getting a maxi skirt soon, so laid back, modest and stylish, ps. where'd you get your glasses?

Chloe said...

Urgh to Mondays but yum to that skirt.

C x

Chloe said...

Urgh to Mondays but yum to that skirt.

C x

Ana said...

I love this outfit! I generally tend to wear darker colours on the bottom, and lighter/brighter colours on top, but I love seeing outfits like this one that go the other way; I find it's a refreshing change - not to say that this orange/coral shade is one of my favourites for spring. :)

alli said...

Love that skirt, so cute! And I HEAR you about Mondays girl, I wish the weekend would be forever. Except I guess then the weekends wouldn't be so awesome. Hope you're having a good week and giving yourself something to look forward to every day!

Roxanne said...

Emily 4 X 100,000 buckets FULL of loveliness, talent, artistic touch, brains, brawn (In a girly, macho way), generosity, kindness, friendliness, silliness (the right kind), love of friends, family, and hubby (a big thumbs up of appreciation there), appeal, the ability to listen to others and make them feel special, and so many more buckets full that Noah's great big ark couldn't hold it all! Love, Me (again) xo

Roxanne said...

Lastly, never forget number 400, are a goddess and we are so lucky to know you. We all hope a little bit of your splendid grace rubs off on us in passing! Love you lots and lots! Love, Moi xoxo!!!!!

Roxanne said...

Goodnight little Emily! Sleep tight. Remember Tuesday is one day closer to, HURRAH! (Can't you just see the sky filled with a rainbow of beautiful balloons and they are all just for you1 Love, Moi xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! So glad to have stumbled across your blog tonight. With your ombre hair and love for Butter Toast Boutique, we might just be e-soulmates. Love your outfit!


jocelyn said...

have you ever read, whenever i need a good laugh and to see that someone's life sucks too, i read that and it helps... some are really funny others aren't :) you look stunning/breathtaking with your red lips, ombre'd hair, skirt, etc. :)

Bambi Eyez said...

looks gorgeous miss!!!!! love this look and the feather is so boho. :)

babito said...

Dear Em,
I'm your follower and I read you blog everytime when I have a moment to sit down. I love your style and this blog, because I can laugh a lot on your cute storries. And your new glasses are amazingly perfect!I'm from Hungary, so I can say you, that you have readers far far away from you too, in the middle of nowhere, where the fasion is just in the capital city.

Bambilla from Hungary

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