• I am hungry all of the time, but not for just anything - My cravings change everyday. The other day it was Taco Bell, yesterday it was hot dogs and nachos. Healthy right? It's seriously different all the time - It kind of bugs me.
    • Morning sickness sucks. For about a week straight, as soon as I would put my toothbrush in my mouth I would start to gag. And then of course.. throw up. It was gross and painful and usually ended with a little blood coming out (which I found out was okay, just something that happens when you throw up all the time). 
    • I smell everything. Well.. I'm actually a smelling pessimist because I never smell the good things - I think it really bugs Mike. As soon as we walk into our apartment I'll complain of how I can smell the trash.
    • I've gained a few pounds. I can't wear any of my jeans because they won't button up. Any waistbands that I'm wearing feel to tight and constricting. Boo
    • Last and certainly my least favorite thing... Sleeping. I've been told that you never get enough sleep once you have the baby - understood. I can't even get enough sleep now! Falling asleep is fine (unless I took a nap earlier).. But then I wake up about 3 or 4 times a night. I either have to pee or I'm just awake and uncomfortable. I wake up super early and never feel rested. Pretty much I just don't look forward to sleeping.


Jenessa said...

oh so nuts! goodness. my best friend is pregooo. it literally JUST hit me. sending my love to you.

tima i. said...

chin up and hang in there! remind yourself it's all worth if for the miraculous little one you're growing inside of you :)
have you tried ginger tea for the nausea? it helped me a lot! sending good thoughts your way :)

Philippa said...

I can relate to the food thing, but I'm not pregnant just bored most of the time.

Just think, it won't last forever and by the end of it you'll have a beautiful little baby :)


Ana Paula said...

Ah, the smells! I think the smells bothered me more than morning sickness, because being able to smell every single stink lasted all 9 months in my case. Booh.

But it's fun to experience all these changes and see how you react to them! They'll be over one day, even if it takes 18 years, you know, until they leave for college! :P


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Natalie said...

My sister in law always used to complain about her heightened sense of smell when she was pregnant. But I feel sorry for you not looking forward to bed! I love bed! Congratulations on the pregnancy! x


Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Gorgeous little blog you have here, lovely! I should make more observations of myself every month or so, even if I'm not pregnant, this is a really good idea.

x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

Emma said...

Ow man, sounds rubbish. It'll all be worth it in the end though, right? Right! Hope you're feeling better soon x

alli said...

Oh Emily, welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy! I know you know this but I will still say it...you will definitely feel that is so completely worth all the hard stuff. It's funny because just after Eric was born we were driving home from the hospital and I was like, "I can't believe I ever complained about anything with pregnancy, because what you get is SO amazing and beautiful compared to what you have to go through for it." I'm not saying that to keep you from posting this stuff, because I love reading this, it's just to give you hope! But girl, I hear you on all those things...especially the smells and the tiredness...speaking of, I should probably go to sleep!

kirstyb said...

i miss taco bell x

Bridget said...

welcome to pregnancy! congratulations emily! actually, it's not too bad... i think you might enjoy the second trimester better... almost there!!!

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