So I have really thick dark brown eyebrows.
Every girl in my family tells me I should be thankful for them.
And I am... But when they go a while without being plucked or waxed..
Oh dear it's not a pretty sight.

When I moved up to Washington I noticed Eyebrow Threading kiosks in the mall.
They looked really shady cuz I had never heard of it before.
Well I heard from a couple bloggers that that is what they do regularly.. so I decided to go!

It was awesome. haha. Seriously so much better than waxing.
I wish I had a close up "before" pic of what those beasts look like..
I'm loooooving them now (so is Mike).


PS Some of you think I did these myself... I definitely did not.
I went to the mall and had them done



Ana Paula said...

I tried threading my eyebrows following YouTube tutorials but couldn't. I don't know... I'm kind of clumsy, I guess. So I'll keep on plucking!

Your eyebrows look pretty!


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Miss Kait said...

I have thing for eyebrows, yours look great! Mine don't grow properly because of an accident when I was a kid, so its actually what I'm most self conscious about ahahah!!! I don't trust people enough to let them touch them, so I just pluck myself. All my friends get theirs threaded though!

Desaree said...

I think they look great. I've seen those threading tutorials, and I don't think I could do it myself. It doesn't bother me to stick with the tweezers. And yes, be thankful for those big, dark eyebrows of yours! You don't have to take time to darken them!! ;)

Erin said...

I love your hair.

Noelle said...

Lurker here: I have a friend from Pakistan who taught me how to thread when we were in jr. high - unfortunately (or I guess fortunately?) I don't have eyebrows that need it. Yours look great!

ashley in wonderland said...

i love thick eyebrows! yours look great.

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