A few people have asked this, and I'm sure some of you are wondering..

Yes this pregnancy was well planned.
And we were so lucky that it only took about a month to get pregnant!

I honestly didn't think it would happen that fast...
But after feeling a little bloated and hungry all the time, we decided to take a test.

We got the one where two lines have to show up for it to be positive.
Well one line showed up, but the other one we could barely see - it was really faint.
I was confused so I googled "faint lines on a pregnancy test"
And most of the people said when they got a faint line it was positive!
I got really really excited, BUT I didn't want to get my hopes up.
So we went to the store and bought the electronic tests that either said Yes or No.
After the 3 longest minutes ever we were happy to see a, "Yes"

It really didn't set in that we were pregnant, even after we went to the Dr. for a blood test..
I would get really worried that all of a sudden one day I wouldn't be pg any more.
So I kept taking tests to reassure that we still had a little bean in my belly!

I've taken a total of 7.. I'm a little paranoid, I know.

We had our first Ultrasound yesterday and sure enough it was in there!

Seeing it was cool, seeing the heart beat was cool, BUT my favorite was hearing the heartbeat.
Hearing it was what made it all very real. 140 bpm - it's a healthy little bean!

So now comes being pregnant..
I'm a little over 7 weeks pg and I'm starting to feel it.
At the beginning I felt no side effects except for being really hungry
This week was different - Sunday I was puking every 3 hours. Bleh.
Now I can only eat certain things that make my stomach feel okay.
If you've been through the same thing please tell me what made your tummy feel better.

My pants are getting tight around my waist.
So I avoid wearing them and stick to wearing only dresses.

I've been extremely tired all the time
And pee all the dang time.

My symptoms change every week so we'll see what they'll be like next week!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy and eventually, bringing a new life into the world. I hope it all goes well and that it's a wonderful, healthy pregnancy.

Elecia said...

I had morning (or rather all-day) sickness for the first 13 weeks with my daughter, and the first 18 weeks with my son. I found I was able to eat those little toasted crackers with peanut butter (that come in a package), french fries (so healthy, i know), waffles, and saltines. Keep saltines by your bedside, and munch on a couple before you even get out of bed (give yourself about 115-20 mins just laying in bed awake). Sip ginger ale throughout the day. The mint in gum helps settle your stomach, so chew gum.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, they had me take zantac before dinner, and tums as needed throughout the day. When I was pregnant with my sone, they gave me a prescription for Zofran (I had lost 14 lbs... couldn't keep ANYTHING down). There are also these things called "Preggie Pop Drops" (they are like hard candies) that you can find in maternity/ baby stores. those helped too. I hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long.

On a side note, the "old wives' tale" that has proven true with every baby i know is a heartbeat of 130-140 is usually boy, 160-170 is usually girl. You may be looking at a little man! :-)

sarah said...

Ask your dr. for Zofran, or the off brand stuff. its the only thing that helped with the throwing up for me...i threw up all day everyday all the way through delivering my first so when zofran came out it was a HUGE lifesaver for my next two pregnancies, congrats!!

Desaree said...

well, Congratulations, Miss!! That's very exciting! I don't have any advice as I've never been pregnant, but I'm happy for you two (three, now). :)

hayley said...

Congratulations! Been a lurker for some time, very early on in fact but wow! I'm so glad to hear you both so happy, you truly are going to be an amazing mother!


The Kunz Family said...

zofran was my best friend for the first 12 weeks of my current pregnancy! I still get kinda queezy but not near as bad as I was at first! Also try to make breakfast be your #1 thing in the morning.. i notice if i wait even 20 min after waking up to eat, i get sick. and another thing to try is these little candies call "preggo pops", they have ginger in them which helps sooth the belly :) in Utah you can get them at Motherhood Maternity or Babies R Us..

Megan said...

Congratulations!! I love your blog and I think you'll be a fantastic mother! I'm so happy for you guys!

Ashley Sloan said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting! :) I'm sorry I know nothing of pregnancy sickness as I've had no children yet...random question...does your insurance cover your baby? My insurance won't cover a baby so I'm looking into anything hehe...thanks girl. Feel better!

Ashley Sloan, Hat giveaway :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

Congratulations!! xx

Sabu said...

thats amazing!congrats!!!**

Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Alyssa P said...

congratulations! that's awesome. thats funny that you took 7 pregnancy tests! ill prolly do the same too. i heard crackers help with keeping the food down?maybe? goodluck with the pregnancy!

Ana Paula said...

Like they said, Preggy Pops helped me get through some mild morning sickness. Then I realized that Preggy Pops were nothing special so I just had some sour or citrus candy and I felt all better. Also saltines helped me a lot get through my morning/evening sickness.

If you think you're peeing and feeling hungry now, wait until the last trimester. You'll be a Preggerzilla! Haha! Anyhow... congrats again!!


Ana Paula

Pretty in Polka Dots

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oh my goodness!! Congrats!! I totally remember those early days with my first little one. I just couldn't believe for reals that it was happening to me. It didn't seem real. I was happy,but in a little bit of a daze. Always googling some question or other that I had. Being pregnant is such an amazing thing!! I have three little ones now. :-) hope you have a fabulous weekend!! hugs!! Britt :-) P.S. I am from washington too. Isn't it pretty here?! xoxo!

Miss Kait said...

Ohhh congrats!! how exciting!!! :)

Laura said...

Try ginger. Ginger is know to help with nausea. Oh also I was going to say when I took my first pregnancy test, the pink lines were so faint, you could hardly see them at all. So I decided to take a test that would say it in words like you did too. When I saw the word pregnant in the screen I almost fainted.
Being pregnant was a blast for me. I hope that you enjoy it!

Born To Be Styled

Harley said...

This is so exciting! I feel like taking a million pregnancy tests just to make sure is totally something that I would do.

kelly ann said...

YAY! Congratulations!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This post was so cute and happy. And I love how you call it your little bean.

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Holy moly!!! I'm totally late on this, but CONGRATS!! You are going to be the cutest mom ever. I can't wait to keep reading your blog, this is so exciting!

Glittering Secrets said...

how happy you must be! congrats on your pregnancy, you are now a half mom! :)

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