So I don't know if this is a pregnant thing (please let me know)...
But ever since I found out I was pregnant I've stopped getting ready...
Not only that, when I do go get ready, I can't think of anything to wear.
It's as if all of my fashion knowledge has disappeared.
It's gotten me pretty down and I'm sure Mike hasn't been a fan of it either.

There could be a few reasons for this nonsense:
          • I've been nauseous and exhaused everyday
          • I have a really short haircut that I'm not too fond of
          • I've lost about 1/3 of my wardrobe since my belly is expanding
          • I'm a naturally depressed person so of course this would happen to me (haha that reason is so pathetic sounding)

So pretty much I have this low self esteem that I'm sick and tired of.
After looking at adorable pregnant ladies like Sydney,
 I know that it's not impossible to be beautiful and fashionable while preggers.
I think I'm going to do sort of a one week challenge (you should do it to)...

The challenge is to get ready EVERY SINGLE DAY for a full week.
And when I say get ready I mean FULL on makeup w/lipstick..
Great outfit that I will feel fabulous in...
And...Clean hair, blow dried, straightened/curled..
Etc and so forth. You get the picture right?

I'm going to try to take pictures to prove to ya'll that I did do it.
The only problem is that I'm going to have to wait a week and a half to start this.
Mike (my husband/photo taker) is going out of town this Saturday for a whole week..
And I am going down to Utah next WEDNESDAY!!!!! HOORAY!!!!
So first thing when I get back I will start it. I'm pretty excited for it :)


Desaree said...

I think that's a great idea! I can't wait to see the pictures from the challenge. Have a good time in Utah!

Veronica said...

Great idea!! hopefully it will help!
Im going to try it too. Even tho im not pregnant, I rarely get fully put together and I've been needing a mood booster. Thanks for the idea!


Elecia said...

It is most definitely a pregnant thing.

I had morning sickness with my daughter for 13 weeks, and my son for 21 weeks. It doesn't really help you have the ENERGY to get ready, let alone the desire.

Your hair will grow fast and thick and you will love it soon. Hang in there! Pregnancy does wonders for hair and nails!

I am not a naturally depressed person, but I found the lack of well-fitting clothing (that didn't cost an arm and a leg) was VERY depressing. I spent day after day sitting in my closet in tears because I couldn't find a THING to wear. It helps to have a husband that tells you that you look beautiful in everything (I am sure you have that in Mike).

I think your one week challenge is a great idea. It will force you to think outside the box, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how good it will make you feel!

Remember, no matter how you feel or look, your body is doing an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL thing!

The Kunz Family said...

I have this same problem every single day!! Being a stay at home mommy I really have no reason to get ready for the day except for myself, and there are days when I just stay in sweats with a pony tail and I feel just fine haha Your body is and will be going through so many changes like the texture of your hair, your skin may even feel more oily or dry, and that ever growing belly doesnt help much either.. Pregnancy is known for giving women a "glow" so just do what you have energy for and what ever makes you feel good! All preggo women are gorgeous!!! :)

Sarai and Nancy said...

oh my gosh, I may not be pregnant, but i understand not getting ready haha. Sometimes it just takes too much effort. Even though I'm not a pregger, I think I'll actually take your challenge too. I mean, it can't hurt to be a fully dressed college student, right?

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Before I got pregnant I was really in shape/skinny, dressed really cute all the time, always did my hair and make up etc. Very trendy. I got pregnant and I was really really sick and gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Tons. None of my cute clothes fit and I felt too ill/unmotivated to try super hard anymore. I had my son and started feeling cuter again then got pregnant right away,then after that one had another baby a year later. Eek!(love them,but we weren't trying for so many so soon! :-)lol.
My point of that long rambling post is that it is normal to feel like you don't look as cute as you did before you were pregnant. You are going through a challenging(but oh sooo worth it!!) time right now. Growing a baby can be hard! :-) I promise that everyone around you probably things you look darling! People are always harder on themselves then they are on other people.(People always told me I was the cutest pregnant person they had seen even though I never believed them and felt like I should hide under a rock. lol. I am sure your husband still thinks you are gorgeous! Probably more now then ever.
I fought depression during pregnancy too and know how rough it can be with all those extra hormones,but you are doing great!!Hang in there!
Britt :-)

alli said...

Girl, that is completely pregnancy related, don't you worry. It's incredible how much energy to it takes to grow a human being...but really it's not surprising because YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING! So don't be too hard on yourself, but it does always feel better to get read for the day. But if you don't feel like it some days, there's no better excuse than the one you have!

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