So I've been married for almost a whole year...
I've only tried two different types of G's.
and so I want to know what your favorite kinds are.
(fabric, neck type, calf length, what to wear w/leggings, etc.)
Comment, or if you'd like, email me!
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Bryce and Nadia said...

my favorites for leggings/tights/jeans are caranessa bottoms (sp) they are just like spandex and the most comfortable...they run big though. I like cottom bottoms for skirts and dresses though because they don't slide down as much as the caronessa ones can and you don't have to worry about peeking. my fav tops are cotton square neck all the way. hope that helps, love your blog (my husband is from University Place... so i love me a good WA blog)

Emily Dickson said...

@Bryce and Nadia - Thanks so much!!!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

the Carinessa tops are freaking awesome!!! they are pretty new and have the best fit! they are a bit more expensive than the other styles but they don't bunch up in the shoulders {totally bugs me} and the carinessa bottoma are my favorite too, although its good to have a few drisilque bottoms to wear with dresses {they are like a slip material so they don't cling} seriously though, the new tops are a must have!


Noemi said...

i love dry silk tops( square tops) i have tried other ones but they make me feel like I have a ton of layers on. The dry silk are so thin and they just feel nice. They move a bit but you never feel them. I like the dry silk bottoms with skirts and dresses because they are like having a slip and they don't cause friction or cling to your clothes. Caranessa all the way for jeans and such! Havent tried the caranessa tops.
Good luck!

Sara Bosler Castro said...

For skinny jeans or leggings go with the calf-length carinessa bottoms. They have a band of lace around the bottom so they stay down and a thick line doesn't show through around your calf. Also, carinessa tops are awesome but they're more U shaped than average round neck garments and peek out on the sides sometimes.

My favorite tops are the cotton-poly round neck. You can wear anything with them and they don't move around too much. My word of advice with tops is to get the right size! I wore a size way too big for me thinking that they were supposed to be kind of baggy but that is definitely not true. I finally got a much smaller size so the top felt just like a form fitting undershirt. I also always get Long tops so I can tuck them in once and they don't separate. Nothing is more annoying than having to keep tucking in your garment top.

Probably waay more info than you needed but I can talk for awhile about garments, haha. Oh and you probably don't know me but we went to the same high school so I'm not too random of a blog stalker.

Diana Smith said...

I love poly cotton! round neck! Sometimes are too funny!

Jake & Jord said...

I just got some carinessa tops and they are awesome! But they are a little warmer I think.. they will probably be really good in the winter. I love cotton poly round neck but the only problem is that they don't sell them in the smaller sizes in a tall.. the regulars are too short and they come untucked. They do sell cotton poly square necks in the smaller sizes in a tall though so I just get those even though the rounder neck is nice.

Chelsea Waterfall said...

Cotton/Poly top for sure for warm days. Also, the round necks are a must because the first time I bought my G's, I bought all of square necks. That equates to that you really can't wear any neckline of shirt without a shell underneath. I also like the new caranessa tops, but be weary when it is warm weather; they don't breathe too well. ALSO the boob pockets (classy way of calling them, I know) make the neckline lower. They are still worn correctly, but it is just nice when you want a V neck. The sleeves are also shorter in the tops with the boobs than without.

Skirts I do the cotton/poly blend once again and jeans the caranessa bottoms. Pretty much I am as original as most people.

Ana Paula said...

They've made Carinessa tops!? NO WAY! I used to love the Carinessa bottoms, the ones with the lacy hems, they fitted like a glove. When they changed them to the ones without the lace, I had to start buying them like 4 sizes smaller so they don't roll up when I put jeans on--seriously, I am wearing them XS and I'm not a petite person. I also love wearing the silky ones for skirts. This might sound awful, but I chose those because they are a lot shorter and I know that if I wear knee-length skirt they won't peek (so no, I don't get the silky bottoms to be immodest). Tops, I just like the regular round/square neck jersey ones. I don't know what material they are, I think it's half polyester half cotton, or all cotton.

Anyway... yeah, that's what I wear. I'm stoked by the news of the carinessa tops! LOL


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Cami said...

I like the carinessa tops best. They're all nice and spandexy so they help sunction you in and the sleeves aren't too long. The cotton/poly tops are good too, and not as hot as the carinessa. I always get round necklines, that way I don't have to wear a camisole with v-necks and stuff like that, and I buy longs so they don't keep coming untucked (the carinessa tops are long enough in just the regular length though). I like carinessa or silk bottoms with jeans, although if you wear tight skinny jeans or leggings, I recommend "legging G's" so you don't get a line. For skirts, I usually wear the silk bottoms, but I like cotton too, although it can cling depending on the material of your skirt... Happy garment shopping!

Kirsten said...

Cotton tops in the square neck in long. They are all I want to wear. Some people don't like them because they have boob cups (yes, I said it) but I feel like I can wear anything with them. The sleeve is a little bit smaller than some of the other ones I have tried, like the just plain cotton one's that have a scoop neck. Not sure of the actual name. I also LOVE silky Gs. Some people are weirded out by wearing them because they are a bit too maternal, but they are seriously so comfortable (and you will be a mom soon enough, congrats!). Except in humidity, then cotton all the way!
Yes, I blog stalk you.
Crazy that it has been nearly a year since we both got married. Good luck on your new garment search, ha.
And add me to your new family blog. :)

Emily Dickson said...

Dear Everyone!

Thanks so much for your comments! Very very helpful. I'm excited to try some of these new ones out. Yay for G's!

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