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I am quite sick of the warm weather and the clothes that come with it. 
I know.. you're thinking, "Who complains about that?"
Well lets see here.. who wants to show off skin that has not seen the sun since being up here?
I'm pasty white, fair, pale, etc and so forth....
AND... most of my summer clothes don't fit anymore due to a certain baby in my stomach.
So i just want to drape myself with layers and layers of clothes. 
Big huge sweaters, skinny jeans, scarfs, and my favorite Steve Madden Troopa boots.
Doesn't the girl in that pic look so comfy cozy???


girluntitled said...

when i was living in hawaii i felt the same way...i know, bizarre. but some days i just wish i could put on a sweater and cozy up to the fire...it doesn't matter where i live in the world, i'm a canadian girl through and through!

The Kunz Family said...

AMEN!!! I cant wait for the fall and winter seasons to come! Comfy clothes like you said AND no yard work!! lol

Sarai and Nancy said...

I 100% agree with you about the cold weather! For me it's just that I really don't like summer clothing nearly as much as I love fall/winter clothes :)

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