Yesterday was our very last Sunday in the Stadium Ward.
Ah... that felt really nice to type out.

If you didn't know Mike and I taught the little 5 year olds.
It was a bit frustrating at times.. But they loooved us. Well they loved Mike.
For their last lesson we did a mini-lesson and then played games and had candy.
Aren't we the coolest teachers ever?

And of course I had to snap a picture or two of them to show you...

Now we're off to a new ward... Wish us luck.


Elecia said...

That little boy in the middle, wearing the tie?

He just made me spit out my soda haha! That face is PRICELESS!

I love teaching the 2-5 year olds at the nursery at my church. They are alot of fun!

Good luck in your future endeavors!

girluntitled said...

i'm with ya on that one. i was called to teach the 4 year olds and had the hardest time. but now that i'm moving out of the ward i'm gonna kind of miss them? ha ha

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