I found this picture on Pinterest...
And fell in the love with the crib!
I discovered it is a Jenny Lind crib and super duper cheap.
They have black, brown, tan, and of course white.
(And you also can paint it some random color if you wish..)
I just love the white one though. No matter if it is a boy or girl!

(pic source: here)

Here are more Jenny Lind cribs:


Roxanne said...

Oh my goodness! Guess what crib little baby Mike had? You got it...a Jenny Lind! It only came in walnut, but I loved it! Deja vu! xo

Emily Dickson said...

NO WAY!?!?! That just made my day. And now I must get this crib!

Kerry and Eileen said...

I love the crib! Also, didn't we see that light at Ikea?

Roxanne said...

I just noticed that they used fabric stretched over embroidery hoops in different sizes above the last crib picture. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Bridget said...

agreed. i think that red one is AWESOME.

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