Hello all 29 followers!
Mike and I went to the doctors today for a check up.
Everything is looking good.
We got to hear our little baby's heartbeat which is ALWAYS cool.
The doctor guessed that it's a boy when she heard the heartbeat. Sweet :)
Our appointment to find out is in two weeks exactly.
I cannot wait... AT ALL!

We are moving into our new little apartment starting this Thursday.
I'm going to take pictures so you can all see it.
I'm quite stoked to move somewhere MODERN.
Brand new carpets, painted walls, appliances, etc..
Everything is brand spanking new and I'd say we deserve that. MM hmm.

I bought this sweater.. FINALLY.
I say finally because I just couldn't bring my self to buy it.
It's not a maternity sweater and that kind of scares me that I might stretch it out.
But all of Topshop's maternity clothes are soooo expensive. BOO.
So this one was a pretty good deal and we will just see how it goes.
Oh and I got it a size bigger than usual.. so maybe that'll help.
And who knows how big I'll get...
I'm over 4 months pregnant right now and you can barely tell.
I have to be wearing something skin tight to notice my teeny bump. 

That is all.
Sorry for the lack of pictures...
I really don't have an excuse. Sorry!


Mademoiselle Lala said...

Lucky you for not showing baby bump! I guess that's because you're tall. My friend when she was pregnant with her baby boy look like she was having triplets! That's because she is 5'0". ;) X


Elecia said...

With my first child, my baby bump didn't really "POP" until 7 months. So that sweater should last you haha!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute sweater! Glad the little one is doing good! Wow! 4 months already! :-)I didn't show for a long time when I had my first baby. I had been really skinny with a flat belly and nobody could tell for a long time. My second and third kiddos I pretty much looked pregnant right away. ha ha. Have a great week!! hugs!!

Desarée said...

very cute sweater. I'm going to speak for all the followers... we like updates, even if they're small like your baby bump.

Masons Mom said...

Ohhh...I can not wait to hear if your mini baby bump is a boy for sure!!
If so I have many barley used little man clothes to send your way...and some goober ones (gifted - always thankful for gifts though)!
Sending you blessings!

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