Yesterday we went in for my 20 week ultrasound.
We were soooo excited to find out the gender of our little baby.
Not only did we get to see that we're having a little GIRL,
But we also got to see her move around which was amazing.

She was so busy and moving around like crazy.
It was incredible to see her little legs move and bend ..
And my favorite part, which made my heart totally melt, was seeing our little girl yawn.
It was so REAL!!! And luckily our ultrasound lady had recorded it! (video at the bottom)

The snapshots we got are good, but the video shows so much more and is much clearer.
I didn't put it up because it's 7 minutes long...
But I'll put it on Youtube so my family (and anyone else) can see it.
That's where you can see her legs move, her heart beat, and that she is in fact a she!

All in all, the ultrasound experience was better than I was even expecting.
It made us realize that this for real and that there isn't just some little creature in my tummy.
She's so cute and tiny (and strong) and we're so happy she's a girl!!!

Profile Shot - Looking so happy
Waving "Hi"
Cute little leg


alli said...

Ahh! We are SO excited for you guys!

rmdickson said...

Hey that's the same ultra sound tech that told us what we were having! TWINERS!

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