20 weeks
Sorry the picture is a little bright so it's hard to see the bump.

20 weeks observations:

      • I've been getting really bad stomach aches -- I guess my muscles are stretching since my little babe is growing. And I can definitely see the results of all the stretching/tearing because I definitely look pregnant now. YAY!
      • My innie belly button is still an innie but I'm starting to see the back of it more and more.
      • My baby is moving A LOT. I never really experienced the "flutter" feeling just lots of punching kicking and somersaults. Whenever I sit down baby decides to do flips.. like right now babe is flipping around :) Mike's been able to put his hand on my stomach and feel it too.
      • Craving sweets a lot more than I ever have. 
      • Breakfast is a must or else I get nauseous. Maybe that's how everyone is. Who knows.
      • Being in the heat wears me out twice as fast. I'm ready for the cool autumn weather.
      • My nesting instincts are starting to kick in and I've been a cleaning fool. I definitely like this side effect. 

We find out the gender tomorrow!!!


Kerry and Eileen said...

You look beautiful!

Jenessa said...

i can NOT wait to find out the gender. :) you are pretty as ever em.

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