This last week I felt PREGNANT.
This huge (and getting bigger) stomach of mine is getting in my way.

    • Bending over is a chore
    • Sitting back on a couch must include a pillow supporting my back,
    • Laying down... 
      • on my back hurts after a few minutes (and is apparently bad for baby)
      • on my stomach is obviously not going to work
      • on my side is the only option I have. But now my stomach hangs and must be supported with a pillow or else I can't fall asleep. I've been using this pillow for that.
      • I can tell that my lungs don't have as much room. I get winded faster, and my yawns are strange and require some extra effort.
      • I've gained about 11-12 pounds so far - I hope that's right on track. And I've noticed it mainly in my stomach (duh), boobs, and butt.
      • No stretch marks yet (and hopefully none ever). I've been rubbing stretch mark lotion on my tummy every morning and every night just in case.
      • I'm really tired during the day. It may have to do with the fact that I don't get as much sleep. But seriously, I could fall asleep at my desk at any time of the day.

      That is about it. I know there's a lot of complaining in this list..
      And I'm sure it only gets harder from here.
      But... oh well. It's my first so it's all brand new to me.

      In other news...
      Tonight we are going to a Mariner's game with Mike's brother and kids.
      I'm going to bring my camera and hopefully take pictures. I really don't use that thing enough.


      alli said...

      That pillow looks awesome, I have never seen one like that before. You have the right to say whatever you'd like about pregnancy without apology because it's hard...and like you said, it's all completely new to you. You're lookin' great too, you are a beautiful pregnant lady!! Hang in there girl!

      Rachel said...

      You are so cute and stylish preggers!!

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