I am having a very high anxiety day.
I can always tell when it's anxiety (rather than just a bad mood)
Because my heart beats really fast and feels like it's coming up my throat.
It's such an awful and uneasy feeling.

So.. I want to post something positive to get my mind off of all of the negative.
Here are some great things that have been happening and that will happen:

    • I bought a Remington Curling Wand this weekend. My hair has been driving me completely crazy (short, breaking, not growing), so I thought some curls would help me/my hair feel pretty. (By the way, anyone have any hair growing tips?)
    • We will be going to the Puyallup Fair sometime this week. We went last year and it was so much fun. However, this year, I won't be able to ride any rides because of a little baby girl growing inside me. BUT, I'm perfectly fine with that.
    • Last week I made dinner for Mike a total of 4 of the 5 days that we worked. I'd say that is quite an accomplishment since before I had never made him dinner ever. 
    • Mike and I recently decided that we'll be spending Thanksgiving in Utah this year. I'm very excited about this since we didn't do Thanksgiving or Christmas in Utah last year. And it's a bonus because my BFF is also getting married while I'm down there. 
    • Last Friday we went to a Thai restaurant for Mike's brother's B-day. A bunch of his cousins were there and it was really fun. My favorite part (besides the Phad Thai) had to be holding one of the cousins 4 week old baby girl. She was tiny and so cute and to think that I'd be having one in about 4 months made me so happy inside!
    • The weather has cooled down a lot and I like it A LOT

    That felt a little better.


    Alex said...

    hair growing tips: use a leave in conditioner every time your hair is wet. it will coat your hair and prevent breakage.
    air dry your hair as often as possible, blow drying it too often will create breakage from over heating it.
    get regular trims (no more than 4 months between cuts).
    and obviously you are taking your prenatal vitamins :) ps i think you hair cut is very cute. :)

    Emily Dickson said...

    Thank you Alex!!!

    Jessie Ritchie said...

    Am I this BFF you speak of? You'll be here on November 19th? That is great news!

    Emily Dickson said...

    Jessie, did you honestly think I would miss your wedding. Puh-lease girl.

    Desarée said...

    I agree with regular trims and prenatal vitamins. Also, even though it's really expensive, Moroccan Oil is amazing. The other thing you can do is make sure you put heat protector on your hair when you use heat.
    Get a trim. Start using a leave in conditioner. Heat protector. I think that will definitely help!

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