Mike and I didn't really start thinking about names until the day we found out she was a she.
And I must say it is my least favorite thing in the world.

It might be a little bit more enjoyable if Mike and I were on the same name wavelength.
We have completely different name taste and pretty much veto each others ideas left and right.

So I need opinions once again. (Thanks for all of your great advice from my last post by the way).
What do you do when you can't seem to agree on names?
Do you let them have their pick? Are you stubborn? Do you force yourself to compromise?

Please share!!


Elecia said...

I am in love with the names Sawyer and Lucy for girls. But hubby doesn't like them, so feel free to steal! lol!

Eventually, my husband and I agreed on a name for our daughter (Caeli). It was harder with my son. I liked the name Mason because it had a similar meaning to my maiden name, but he wasn't sold. About a week before he was born, he said to go with it. I think saying it so much made it grow on him.

You could always play the "Well, I'M the one pushing this thing out of my hoo-ha, and forever transforming their body" card. hahahahaha! totally kidding.

The Kunz Family said...

I was just about to post this same thing on my blog after I read all the updates haha Brandon and I are the same way and can never agree on anything.. I am surprised our first daughter even has a name. Even though it may not seem like you guys will ever agree, it will happen. :) Good Luck and just know I am going through the exact same thing!! Brandon likes the boring names that are so common and I like the older names that he claims sound like "old lady" names lol

krystal said...

this happens to a lot of couples in what i've heard from friends... before we decided on our second son anderson's name it was vetoing left and right. i got pretty discouraged that we would never agree... after going through a names book together we each ranked our favorite boy names then said them aloud to the other person. that person would give it a number of 1-10 on how much they liked/disliked it. my husband loved gus, me not at all and i loved graham and he hated it. so i learned right away that my favorite name would NEVER happen. because he loved gus and i gave it a 3 i didn't shut it out completely but gave it some thought and then told him eventually i tried coming around to it but just that i couldn't name our son that... i think if it's a name you REALLY can't stand, be stubborn. if it's not love right at first but the other one likes it then give it some thought... imagine calling the name throughout the house or a sibling yelling it... compromise a little and i wouldn't force it too much. the right name will come with time. we didn't have our name until 2 weeks before he was born. hope that wasn't too much and that it helps.

tori said...

My husband and I had trouble getting on the same page with names for our little girl throughout the entire pregnancy. We finally decided on a few names we liked for girls in general, but could never choose one that felt right for THIS little girl. We were undecided until we saw her. We both looked at her and knew what name was right, and it was one that we had kinda pushed to the back burner. For us, it took seeing her, meeting her, holding her... to know which name was perfect. :) Good luck! Picking a name for a new little person, one that they will be known by their entire lives is kinda a daunting task!

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