Last weekend Mike and I drove down to Portland to watch the BYU football game!
It was sooo cool to see all of the BYU fans that had either traveled there or just lived there.
And luckily we were in the BYU fan section so it made it more exciting, especially when we won.

Funny thing is that I never even went to BYU but I still consider myself a big fan.
I guess it's not that hard to believe since I lived right next to BYU's campus when I was going to UVU.
And all of my roomies went to BYU... and I went to a BYU ward... and my hubs is a Cougar.
Oh and yeah, I'm mormon, so that goes along with it as well I would say.

Anyways.. going to the game made me very nostalgic.
Being in that college town and seeing all of the Beaver fans and all of their pride.
It made me miss Provo, UT so so so much. I want to go back!!!! 
I miss the college scene, being surrounded by people my age, MORMONS, all the yummy restaurants, etc.
Hopefully sometime next year we will be back to finish school (fingers crossed)


Desarée said...

It was totally crazy to see how many Mormons live in Corvallis or were visiting. It was even better that while out on the town after a Cougar win, Beav fans didn't have to deal with heckling. I'm glad you guys had fun!

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