As you have probably seen I put my DSLR up for sale, and it sold!
I really enjoyed having that camera as a "starter" camera because it taught me a lot.
I still don't have the whole photography thing down, but I definitely get more than I did before having it.
Now, I've decided to upgrade my camera and lens situation and I'm quite excited.

Last time I bought my Nikon d90 I took out a loan, and paying it off was NOT FUN.
Don't do it people! (however I'm glad that I learned my lesson, and also got some good credit from it)

This time around I'm making sure I save the money and pay for the upgrade in cash.
It's kind of fun actually - I've got my little Excel spreadsheet with what I have now and what I need to earn.
So far I've saved up about $900 and it feels GREAT. Still need another... 400-500. (Christmas should definitely help with that)
I keep thinking of things that I own that I don't need that I could sell. Maybe I'll do another clothing sale.

I've got about 3 1/2 months to save it all up (that's when baby is due, definitely want my new camera when she arrives)
Wish me luck!


Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

Funny! I'm doing the same thing to save up for the camera you sold me :) It does feel good to save. And I'm so excited to experiment with the camera!

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