Well.. it's official.. We are moving back down to Utah.
We didn't think Mike would get into Winter Semester since we were over a month late applying.
But for whatever reason, he was accepted, and now we have a month to move!

In ONE month we have to:

Find a place to live in Provo without being able to actually see the apt in person. We may have found a good one. It looks pretty new, has two bedrooms, and is furnished. The problem is that its only 750 square feet. And we're afraid that it will be teeny tiny.

Find insurance ASAP since we are leaving our job and of course having a baby real soon. After lots of stressing, we found out that I can be put on my mom's insurance as soon as we leave our job. Then we'll have Mike and baby insured by BYU.

Find a new (and hopefully good) doctor who can deliver our baby. A couple people referred me to the same doctor so I'm probably going to go with her. I called and made an appt for the first week of January -- I will be 36-37 weeks pregnant by then. 

Sell our furniture up here so that we won't have to pay tons of money moving it down. As much as we love the furniture that we have right now, it will probably cost a fortune to move it all down to Provo. I'm kind of nervous we won't be able to sell it all before we leave, but maybe the Craigslist gods will be nice to us and help us out a bit.

Figure out how we are going to pay for things since we will be going from two paychecks to zero. We have some savings, which will help, but definitely won't be enough. We will definitely apply for a Pell Grant but I'm nervous that we just make too much right now and won't qualify. If that doesn't work, then hello student loans. Anyone know which bank has the lowest interest rate on student loans? 

Pack our apt up in a very organized way. Since we don't want to fork out the money for a huge U-Haul, we are going to have to move everything in our two cars.

Wish us luck!


Jamie said...

Yay that is exciting! Oh and just be aware that on your parents insurance it won't cover anything maternity for you... Just be aware so you don't get blindsided with a bunch of charges! But I hope everything works out well for you! It sounds like a fun adventure! It was so fun to see you last week!

Arielle said...

Good luck! I know it'll be stressful but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the long run.


Masons Mom said...

Your mom and sisters must be so happy! I will keep you and your little family in my prayers!
Love and Blessings!
Your Cousin Stacy

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Lots of stuff to do but I guess you're happy to move back to the same state you family lives in.

The Purcells said...

I'm so excited you guys are moving here! We should have a big roommate get together. Hilary is getting home at the end of this month. Anyways, I can only imagine you are incredibly stressed. Good luck with the move! By the way, I went to Valley OBGYN and loved it and all the doctors there.

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