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Trick or Treating with Graham  |  Spooked out Elevator at work  |  Halloweeny Panera sugar cookie

As a blogger I am totally failing. Hahaha just look at my posts. SO WEAK!
Anyways... My halloween weekend was fun - nothing spectacular happened...
But that's probably normal for most married people w/o kids and w/o friends (boo hoo)

We did a few Halloweeny things though and I'm really glad we did.
On Friday night we went to see Paranormal Activity 3 and it was SCAARRRY.
Saturday we didn't do anything Halloweeny.. we just went and shopped for baby clothes.
Then on Monday, as you can see, our work's elevator was decked out in H-Ween decor.
Later that night we went Trick or Treating with Mike's Brother's family.
Halloween (and probably any holiday) is not the same without kids. Good thing we have one coming our way.
Oh and we ate TONS of Halloween candy. And we still are.


Arielle said...

haha I didn't do anything too special either. I felt bad looking at all these blogger's fun parties. I was like "I don't have many friends, especially enough that would be fun enough to dress up!" Okay, enough of the pity party :p


FreckleFace5100 said...

LOL, this post was funny xd can i join the club?!?!..cause I didn't do anything either && I wish I were eating tons of candy hahah

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