Today I am 39 weeks and 2 days. (My due date has changed from the 26th to the 24th)
I've been going to the doctor every week.. and pretty much I haven't progressed at all.
Which doesn't really matter I guess.. but it's kind of a downer.

I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday (which is my due date)...
And if I haven't delivered by then, then we will most likely schedule a date to induce.
She says that they don't like to go more than one week past your due date,
plus I think she is going out of town in a couple of weeks anyways.
Sooo.. If this baby doesn't pop out on her own this week.. then FOR SURE next week. I think. ha.


Mademoiselle Lala said...

Oh and I was SURE that it is a Welcome to the World post! :) You must be really tired... Next week it is! Good luck! X

Diana Smith said...

I'm sorry you are still pregnant!! I was 8 days late with Olivia and that was awful...I hated every ache and pain you get when being so large!!

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