**Disclaimer: If you are not interested in reading complaint after complaint after complaint and just want to read happy news then scroll to the bottom of this post and read the very last paragraph**

We have finally made it to Utah and are just about settled into our new place.
And let me tell you right now, it was not easy, and this week has been HELL.
Three days of driving from Tacoma to Orem, loading and unloading, towing a vehicle, oh it was insane.
We thought that once we arrived we'd be able to just relax...
Well turns out our apartment didn't have any heat/gas or running water.
NOTE TO SELF: Do not move in on a Sunday when all businesses are closed.
2nd NOTE TO SELF: Don't let the next day be a holiday when all businesses are closed. 

So on Tuesday we were able to turn the water on. Score. Hello flushing toilets.
We also tried to have the heat/gas turned on but they said the soonest they could do it was the next day.
Mike told the guy that he had a 9.5 mo pregnant wife who needed the heat on asap.
The guy said that if we get a Dr's note stating that I need the heat turned on for my health then they could do it that day.
So that is what we did..Mike called my doctor and they faxed Questar the note.
We were very hopeful and excited to have hot water and heat... but it wasn't that easy.
The Questar guy came and took the lock off our meter so we turned the little dial thing to turn on the gas.
Nothing happened.
So Mike is reading all of the instructions on the furnace & water heater trying to figure out how to turn it all on.
It was pretty late at night so we couldn't call any customer service to get help. So we had to wait.
It was now Wednesday, Mike's first day of school, and poor guy couldn't take a hot shower. I felt so bad.
On the way home from school Mike called customer service and had the guy tell him what to do.
We got home, tried it out, and still nothing happened.
It was past 5 pm so we couldn't call the customer service guy back. GREAT.
A few hours passed and we experimented some more with the furnace and figured out the problem.
Apparently the door to the furnace wasn't shut all the way. HEAVEN FORBID.
As soon as we had closed it ALL THE WAY the furnace started booting up and we were so unbelievably happy.

During those few days of hell we had other things that made life a little bit worse.
Our mail key didn't fit. For reals? COME ON!
We're expecting a bunch of things (important things) and we can't open our dang mail box.
I called our apt manager and told him and he was like, "Well you'll have to go to the post office and change it"
Ummmm... okay, why didn't you just give me the right one in the first place?
And why in the world is it MY responsibility to have that changed. Oh my goodness. I don't like him.
So Wednesday we went and filled out a little paper at the post office and they told us it will be fixed in a day or two.
Well... it is now day 2, and I haven't heard anything... But I'm not going to give up hope yet. It better come today.

Lets see what else happened this week that is worth complaining to the interwebs?
Oh right, Internet!
Have you ever dealt with Comcast? Yeah they suck really bad.
And I don't even want to go into details about this one...
But I'll just say that it has been really hard for Mike starting school/changing classes without internet.
The Comcast guy finally came today to set it up.. and that is why, of course, I'm blogging now.

Now enough of the complaining and onto a baby update...
So right now I am 37 and a half weeks along! I cannot believe it!
Monday I was having some bad back cramps.. and they lasted quite a while.
I waited until the next day (when I had a Dr. appt) to see what was going on.
My Dr. told me that they were very normal contractions that are just getting me ready.
She said that since I'm 37 weeks I am full term and could deliver at any time.
She measured my stomach and said that I measure a little small, but nothing worth worrying about.
Then after she got up in my business she told me that I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.
I have an appointment this next Tuesday so we will see if I have progressed at all! Fingers crossed!


allison said...

Well you deserve an award for moving at all while you're pregnant. That was all so lame, I'm glad you're up and running now. Steven and I can't wait to see the newest baby Dickson. Good luck these next few weeks! (and holy cow, 50% effaced is awesome!)

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