I have done a lot of things that I said I would never do... For example: Letting our baby sleep in the bed with us. I thought (and still think) that it will create a bad habit that will be hard to break. BUT when I discovered that both Rosie and I were getting more sleep by having her in the bed it was a done deal.

Now that she is getting a bit older (6 weeks today) we're trying to get her use to her crib. It hasn't been too hard! The only tricky part is transferring her from our arms to her crib - she seems to always wake up! So now we've been trying to pay close attention to when she is in a deep state of sleep, and then we move her. 

Last night we put her in and she slept for two hours, then Mike fed her a bottle, and then she slept for an additional two hours. I'd hope she'd sleep for a bigger chunk than two hours (3 or 4)... but I guess we will take what we can get. I've read and have been told that around 6 weeks they start to sleep for longer periods of time.. so I am [im]patiently waiting for that to begin. 

Today, during the day, I tried putting her in a couple times and she would only last about twenty minutes. But hey, that gave me enough time to eat some breakfast (which was a bowl of froot loops and then some spaghetti haha)... which is pretty hard to do when I'm holding her. 

Anyways... tonight, when it is time for bed, we're going to try it out again and we'll see how long she lasts!


The Kunz Family said...

Have you gotten any books about sleep training yet? Healthy sleep habits, happy child is an excellent one for what you are trying to accomplish :) I also have let my girls cry it out (sounds mean but it really does work and isn't bad for them if you do it correctly). Both of them wanted to be rocked to sleep, I think all babies are that way, so I would lay then down while they were awake and allow them to learn how to soothe themselves to sleep. It did involve some crying BUT I never let them cry longer than 5 min without checking on them. Some moms say to do longer but I just can't haha it only took about 3 days for them to "learn" and now whenever they wake up during the night they are able to put themselves back to sleep and I never have to rock them to sleep :) good luck and ill send good sleep vibes your way!!!

Jaquilyn Shumate said...

Yes! Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is a great book. Our Doctor recommended tucking the shirt I wore that day under the sheet so she would smell me. I swear, the first night we tried it, she slept in her bassinet the whole night and only woke up to eat! I started doing that at 2 weeks and only did it for a week or so before she got used to just sleeping in her bassinet. I also have a Sleep Sheep that plays calming white noise. And for the past 5 weeks she has been sleeping between 6-8 hours without waking up! (She's 12 weeks). Also, does she like a pacifier? I wasn't interested until her 2 week check up and my doctor completely sold me on the benefits of them. She loves the Soothie pacifier and life has been so much easier since. She sleeps in a bassinet in our room, but we will be moving her to her own room/ crib next month :) I hope all is well!

Christine Dickson said...

Keep up the good work - sometimes it is better to lay them down before they are in deep sleep so that they learn to fall deeply asleep on their own - have you tried putting a heating pad in the crib for a few minutes before you put her in it just to warm up the surface of the bed? Then take it out before you lay the baby down - I would always lay them down and then keep a hand on their tummy and use the other hand to jiggle the crib mattress a little and then slowly withdraw the hand that is on their tummy and keep jiggling the mattress and then slowly stop the jiggling etc. until the baby was aleep.

Erin said...

Em, this may be totally against your parenting style but I swear by the book Babywise. K and A were both sleeping through the night by 8 weeks (11pm-7am). And M by 9/10 wks. And we think Rosie is the cutest little girl since Addy (lol), all three are officially obsessed with her pictures and are so excited to meet her in a few months!

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